Thursday, January 29, 2015

Weeks 2 and 3

Our classes have been going very well! This week we learned about pitch recognition. We learned to recognize when notes sound higher or lower. We started learning a new song where we will have solo opportunities with "Anything You Can Do" from Annie Get Your Gun. Everyone who would like to can have an opportunity for a small solo. We will be working on holding your own part while someone else is singing a different part.The kids really love this song. It gives them a chance to show some personality!

We have also continued to work on choreography for "Seize the Day". Students have learned how to stagger a line so they can all be seen in a performance. We have talked about full body movements opposed to small hand motions. We finished learning "Do-Re-Mi" and we are sounding great with this song!

Students should have received their practice CDs this week. The CD contains a rehearsal track with guide vocals (singers). It also contains the instrumental version or performance track. This has only the music with no singers. I would like all students to listen to and practice with their CDs at home so they can become more familiar with the songs. The best way for children to learn music is through repetition. So it may drive you crazy to hear the same songs over and over again but it is the best way for the kids to learn the music and words.

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